Conditions for image use

Conditions for image use

These conditions are accepted by the User/Customer saving the image from Bildbyrå Stockholmsfoto digitally.

§ 1 Images for viewing - low-resolution sketch images
Image agency Stockholmsfoto's images are available at and for viewing and sketching without a user account. Images may be saved locally by the user but not published or reproduced without agreement with Stockholmsfoto.
§ 2 Use of images - high-resolution images
The customer has the right to use high-resolution images that have been paid for and downloaded from Bildbyrå Stockholmsfoto's website. The use of an image refers to any form of publication, reproduction or display that goes beyond the use of an image as a sketch base.
§ 3 Use of royalty-free image
The customer has the right to use paid image without time limit after purchase. However, the user rights cannot be transferred to any other person, company or organization than that stated at the time of the image purchase.

§ 4 Limitation of user rights. The images may not be used commercially in the field of wall decoration or photo art.

§ 5 Byline
For each use of the ordered image, the Customer must indicate "Stockholmsfoto" and the photographer's name in connection with the image or so that the interested party can easily see who who is the author of the image, e.g. in a photographer list. For aesthetic reasons, exceptions can be made to this rule.
§ 6 Distortion of image
After purchase, the customer has the right to use the image in a montage or make minor modifications. Distorting the image carelessly, unethically or unaesthetically is not allowed and is frowned upon. In the case of editing and retouching in journalistic contexts, this must always be stated in the text in connection with the image. advertising, the law on offensive photography or other laws covering the publication of images. Bildbyrå Stockholmsfoto is not responsible for financial claims from third parties due to rights linked to a person, brand, or copyright-protected work on ordered images. In sensitive contexts such as sex, politics or medicine, permission to publish images must be obtained from Bildbyrå Stockholmsfoto. It is the customer's responsibility to assess the technical quality of the image for the purpose it is to be used for, the image agency is not responsible for any costs connected to this. deviate from any of these terms and conditions, it is assumed that a separate written agreement is drawn up between the parties.

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