About Stockholmsfoto

20 years with Stockholm in focus

Thousands of unique Stockholm images

With us you will find pictures from Stockholm. Panoramic images, aerial photos, famous views, architecture, nature and culture etc.

All images at Stockholmsfoto are unique, they cannot be bought anywhere else. Book publishers and marketing departments use our images for books, magazines, advertisements, advertising and information brochures, customer magazines, calendars, postcards, gift items, etc. We also work a lot with advertising and advertising agencies.

In recent times, it has also become increasingly common for private individuals to want a beautiful picture of Stockholm on the wall at home. We are happy to help with all kinds of image usage.

Fresh, newly taken pictures

Stockholmsfoto always gives you fresh, newly photographed images and the number of images in the image bank is continuously increasing.

User-friendly image archive

With our Internet-based image archive, we can offer image users to search, retrieve and purchase images for publication in various contexts. The time from image search to finished production can be made very short.

Fast and personal service in the office

Our ambition is for you to find the images you are looking for with us. In addition to all the images you find via our online service, we have fast and personal service in the office. The image editor will be happy to help you produce a unique selection of images from our large off-line archive — high-quality images that have not yet been published.


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